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Mts. Iglit-Baco National Park (MIBNP) is a heritage site located at the heart of Mindoro Island. First identified as a game refugee and bird sanctuary in 1969, the park houses the entirety of Mindoro diversity, from the critically-endangered Tamaraw, a variety of flora and fauna species, indigenous plants, to several bird species as well as two indigenous people groups Tau-Buid and Buhid. Also known as Mangyan Heritage Natural Park, MIBNP covers an area of 75,445 hectares, with greater portion (approximatelty 75%) of it falls under the territory of Occidental Mindoro and the remianing portion (25%) under the jurisdiction of Oriental Mindoro. It also encompasses eight river systems and the two mountains which the park was named after.

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Tree Planting Activity

Tree planting activity provides support and care for our environment and to preserve our biodiversity. Tree is very important because its furnish...

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Dalaw Turo

The basic procedure in carrying out the Dalaw-turo includes prior coordination with targets school and the preparation of the Dalaw-Turo program. The...

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Tamaraw Month

Celebration of the “Special Month for the Conservation and Protection of Tamaraw in Mindoro”. October of every year is celebrate as “Special...

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